The first stage of the National Youth Tournaments (TNJ) was played this weekend at 4Padel from Bordeaux. Eight leagues were represented.

At the girls, only six teams were present, which forced the organizers to merge the U16 and U18. The favorites Lou Lambert Agosti (OCC) and Kimy Barla (PACA), in the wake of their very good performance in Paraguay, did the job, not losing any set of the tournament. They respected their rank as big favorites, and dominated Victoria Isaac (OCC) and Celia Talano (OCC) in the final.

Note the good performance of the Bekhedda twins (IDF), Neila and Feryel, still 14 years old, but who still finished third in this first TNJ.

For the boys, there were two tables: U16 and U18.

In U16 there were 12 pairs, with the participation of young people aged 12 and 11. The final victory went to the pair Johan Peloux (PACA) / Quentin Bernard (OCC), who also surfed their very beautiful World Cup. Again, no set was lost. In the final, Quentin and Johan dominated Victor Benveniste (PDL) and Loris Morvan (HDF).


The nice surprise of the tournament comes from the Ile de France pair Louis Cacheux / Sacha Huard de la Mar, two players born in 2012 and 2011 respectively, and who finished fourth, notably after an epic quarter-final during which they were trailing 4/6 0/3 0/40! In the semi-final, they were close to pushing the final winners into a super tie-break!

En U18, 9 pairs were present. We found the reigning French Champions Timeo Fonteny and Yoan Boronad, but not on the same side of the track. Indeed, the first played with Joshua Schbeir and the second with Louis Jover. These two pairs met in the final and put on a great show. Final victory for seed 1 Fonteny / Schbeir.


Next step in the Set Padel Narbonne on February 24 and 25.

The final rankings:


U16 boys

U18 boys


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