This weekend you followed the Regional 1 Interclub Championships and you wonder how the Interregionals will work? You are in the right place.

The teams are divided into two conferences of eight clubs: West and East.

In the Western Conference, we will have:

  • Normandy winners
  • Winners Pays de la Loire
  • Winners Brittany
  • Occitanie winners
  • Winners Nouvelle-Aquitaine
  • Winners Center Val de Loire
  • And two clubs drafted

In the Eastern Conference we will have:

  • Winners Ile de France
  • Winners Hauts de France
  • Grand Est winners
  • ARA winners
  • PACE winners
  • Corsica winners
  • And one drafted

In total, four events will take place on the weekend of March 30 and 31. For the Eastern Conference, the girls will meet at Casa Padel, and the boys Padel Shot Lyon. For the Western Conference, the girls will be at La Pala Padel, in Angers, and the boys at the Mas Perpignan club.

The good news is that for each of the four competitions, Padel Magazine will broadcast the matches live from the quarters via the links below!

Men's Western Conference

Western Conference Women

Men's Eastern Conference

Eastern Conference Women

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