Two players present in the Nationale 1 Interclub final in France have decided to team up this season. Indeed, the Spaniards Mario Huete and Aitor Garcia, who have the particularity of having both played for a time with Benjamin Tison in 2023, will share the track this year.

If this association between the 87th and 88th players in the world could not be more coherent on paper, one question still remains: which of these two players on the left will move to the right?

The most logical option from the outside would be for Garcia to do it. Indeed, the one who wore the colors of Sète Padel Club last week is a versatile and resourceful player. Above all, he does not have the same firepower as his new partner.

In an interview with us a few weeks ago, Aitor said he felt more comfortable on the left but still enjoyed playing on the right. Enough to make him change position? Answer from Ultimate Padel Tour of Galicia, where the two men are enrolled together !

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