The Dutch don't really like sound of bullets padel who knock against the windows, but they still remain fans of the activity. We have new proof of this with this track of padel completely crazy located in a church in Arnhem.

We saw tracks of padel on the water, in the mountains, on the roofs of shopping centers, on the beach...but in a church, this has never happened before!

Holy Padel achieves the impossible with this track set in a church. You see yourself achieving your most beautiful bandejas in front of these stained glass windows?

This is a truly original initiative. We imagine that with such an atmosphere, Holy Padel You won't have too much trouble filling your slots. Will the club even welcome players from all over the world coming on a sort of pilgrimage? It must be said that for some, the padel is a true religion. So who will say amen to Arnhem?

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