Funny scene last night during the last round of XNUMX of the World Padel Tour Amsterdam Open. As is often the case, we find Paquito Navarro as the protagonist.

The Andalusian showman, who never has his tongue in his pocket, was not happy with his start to the match against Alonso / Benitez. Perhaps disturbed by the late hour (the match started around 23:30 p.m.), Paquito made more mistakes than usual. Frustrated, he then exclaimed: “I don’t know, I feel good, in shape, relaxed, but I’m not wearing one!” Enough to make his partner, and the Spanish-speaking fans, burst out laughing!

A funny scene that you can find below:

Finally, Navarro ended up finding the sights, his pair winning 6/3 6/4 against young Alonso and Benitez.

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