For two days we have been talking a lot about the incident that took place in Qatar during Lebron and Galan's defeat against Garrido and Yanguas.

But before this heated moment in the third set, there was some tension on the floor. It even seems that everything was done on Miguel Yanguas' side to make Lebron lose his calm. Small example here when he calls for a foot fault from Lebron, and sees his compatriot starting to lose his nerve: “Stop annoying me! We've been waiting for seven hours... This is Yanguas' last time. And Javi too, I’ve been waiting for seven hours!”

The foot fault, although not very obvious, will be validated by the referee. At the change of ends, Miguel laughs at the situation and asks his coach: “Can I ask for her one more time? Can I claim her one more time?”

Ultimately, the “strategy” will have worked, since Lebron ended up cracking and it was Garrido and Yanguas who left with the victory.

This Thursday we will see if Franco Stupaczuk, rather critical of “Juanito”, will know how to avoid the provocations of the young native of Malaga…

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