The Bergeron / Blanqué pair largely dominated the debates at My Padel Tour of the BIG IV in Valenciennes.

4 matches played, no lost sets, and no more 4 games lost on a match.

The finale sums up perfectly this outrageous domination of Bergeron / Blanqué. Yet in front of her, the Parisian pair Veber / Lapouge hoped to do better. But with heavy legs due to a semifinal won at 3e set (against Morillon / Salles), it was difficult to hope for better.

In the first set, Bergeron / Blanqué breake input. But Parisians cling. It is a trademark. A steel mind that allows them to pass even when it's difficult. Already, in the quarter-finals, Lapouge / Veber managed to beat Laval's Boissé / Garnier at the super tie-break after a stunning match.

Despite points of madness and the fight fought by the Parisians, the march is too high to waver the indisputable winners of this P1000 My Padel Tour at BIG IV.

A game that evolves

Bastien Blanqué told us a few months ago: “ In Madrid, I am taught to be more patient, so for me, banned smash". Everything was thoughtful. We can see that that was before. Now he starts attacking with more accurate and kicked smashes. And even " This is just the beginning »Bastien Blanqué warns us. It promises !
Johan Bergeron has just passed a course. Very worked balls, a breathtaking smash. He is probably the most offensive right-wing player in France.

We will have to see if the Franco-Madrilenians confirm in Lyon next week, but their course is already beautiful: 6 P1000 played, 2 semi-finals and 4 wins. No one has done so well in France.

This is the passage of the 4e consecutive victory for the French pair Bergeon / Blanqué in a P1000.

'' JO '' Bergeron explains that ''  the mission is successful. We still have this P1000 TCM5 Lyon to pick and then we can breathe a little before the big month of September and the championships of France.

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