The 2024 season is coming just starting in Riyadh. The very best players in the world are making their grand return to Saudi Arabia with the P1 of Premier Padel. What ranking do we start the new year with? The answer below!


As you see, Arturo Coello is the king of the new ranking, but as his partner Agustin Tapia had not played the first tournaments Premier Padel in 2022, the pair that dominated 2023 on the World Padel Tour starts as seed 2 in Riyadh, behind Spaniards Lebron and Galan.

We notice that Jon Sanz, although resident in the Top 12 in 2023 on the WPT, finds himself in 22nd position. Agustin Gomez Silingo, who fell back into previous last year, reached an unexpected 27th position. Pablo Lima, although officially retired, is still the 11th player in the world. So if he feels like doing another tournament, he can hope to start among the top seeds. Quite unlikely all the same, the Brazilian, tired of this life as a high-level athlete, had ended his career a little prematurely last year due to physical problems and seemed very happy to stop playing on the circuit .

Finally, we notice that Luciano known as Lucho Capra, Bela's new partner and member of Team Wilson, sees his first name a little damaged by the FIP, which made a little mix between Luciano and Lucho...


Among the girls, unsurprisingly, it is Ari Sanchez and Paula Josemaria, the queens of padel world in recent years, which sit at the top of the ranking.

Like Pablo Lima, the Alayeto twins announced their retirement a while ago but they are still in the Top 16 in the rankings at the start of the year.

Between 21st and 30th place, we clearly notice the internationalization of padel among the ladies, with the presence of the Frenchwoman Alix Collombon, the Italian Carolina Orso, and the veteran Carolina Navarro, of Spanish origin but who plays for Sweden during international competitions. Add to that the many Argentinians, the many Spanish and the two Portuguese Araujo and Nogueira and you have six national selections represented among the girls in the Top 30, compared to three among the men (Argentina, Spain and Brazil)!

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