Fernando Belasteguin and Miguel Yanguas won their debut at Milano Premier Padel P1 against Marc Quilez and Toni Bueno.

It was not an easy match for the 5 seed, who notably trailed 4 games to 2 in the second set. A little rusty after two months without playing, Fernando Belasteguin struggled at times, but he was able to benefit from the omnipresence of his young teammate. The Andalusian, who will soon play his very first Master Final, confirms that he is one of the best players in the world.

In its wake, the Spanish-Argentinian pair won 6/4 6/4 and qualified for the rest of the events. Tomorrow, it is against Teo Zapata and Fran Guerrero that Bela and Yanguas will try to qualify for a new quarter-final, if they can play… Indeed, during the post-match interview, “El Boss” said his forearm pain had returned two days ago, and he would check in after night to see where he was at. Given his somewhat pessimistic appearance, we say to ourselves that there is a chance that he will withdraw from the round of XNUMX… We will follow this closely tomorrow morning.

For the moment, only one seed has taken the door in Lombardy (Gutiérrez / Gutiérrez). Like Miguel and Fernando, Lebron and Galan also made their debut in Italy, with a 6/3 6/4 victory against Cardona / Ruiz. The number 1 pair in the FIP ranking will face Pincho Fernandez and Gonzalo Rubio tomorrow.

At the end of this afternoon we will follow the debut of the Di Nenno / Stupaczuk and Coello / Tapia pairs in the competition. Find the links to watch the matches HERE.

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