See you from 10:00 this Wednesday on WPT-TV to follow the round of XNUMX which is being played at the central World Padel Tour amsterdam open.

And we start the day with a match which will be whatever happens historic between the Franco-Belgian pair Geens / Tison and the locals Maarsen and Van Opstal. Indeed, if Benjamin and Clément win, it will be the first time for a Frenchman and a Belgian in the round of XNUMX of a WPT men's tournament. And if it is their opponents who win, it will be a first for the Dutch at this stage of the competition. That’s what this meeting is all about!

Behind, in a day that gives pride of place to padel men's, we will follow the debut of all the big names in the competition, with in particular a Di Nenno / Stupaczuk vs Diestro / Leal which promises to be hot. The Capra / Sanchez vs Chingotto / Navarro meeting also promises.

Here is the program :

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