It was one of the most enticing matches of the day, and unfortunately he was only able to offer us one set.

Up to 5/5 in the first set, Maxi Sanchez and Lucho Capra fought a good battle against Paquito Navarro and Federico Chingotto. But in an action that seemed a little innocuous, Maxi twisted his ankle while trying to deliver a quick smash from Paquito.

The Argentines tried to continue but the pain was too much for the native of Villa Mercedes who was forced to withdraw after the loss of the first set (7/5). We hope that the former world number 1 will be restored for the tournament which will take place in two weeks in Menorca.

Paquito and Chingotto qualify for the eighth, where they will find the winners of the match between the new pair Alonso / Benitez and the locals who benefit from a wild-card Richters and Meijer.

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