It was a match that looked balanced with four players hovering around the 35th position in the ranking. World Padel Tour and he kept his promises.

Indeed, German spectators were treated to a three-set match between the pairs Amatriain/Godallier and Caparros/Navarro at the first round of the WPT German Open.

If the Spanish had started the match better, the Franco-Spanish pair was able to put on a real fight in the second set, coming back to one set everywhere. In the last, Caparros and Navarro regained control to win after 2h22 of fighting: 6/3 5/7 6/2.

Obviously a bit of a blow for the French fans and for the triple French Champion Léa Godallier who lost to two former teammates.

The Tahitian and her partner will have put up a good battle but they will have come up against a pair who will have shown more mental resources in the heated moments.

From now on, all French hopes rest on Alix Collombon, who begins her tournament now with Lorena Rufo against Mapi and Majo Alayeto. You can follow the score of this meeting via the Marker.

Marta and Teresa can now rest with their eighth, which will take place tomorrow against the 5th seed, Icardo/Riera.

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