A veritable imbroglio surrounds the start of the main draw at the WPT La Rioja Open, with last-minute draw changes and at least two major forfeits.

The first was announced with regret by Ale Galan on his Twitter account: “Unfortunately, I will not be able to participate in the La Rioja tournament for medical reasons. I am very disappointed not to be able to enjoy the warmth of the Argentinian supporters of whom I have such good memories. But health comes first. I hope to come back soon”. Juan Lebron, for his part, retweeted the message, wishing his partner a good recovery.

Take a good look table, we note another absence of mark: the pair formed by the Brazilian Pablo Lima and the Spaniard Coki Nieto. A package that would be linked to a knee injury to the Brazilian, according to our information.

In addition, Denis Perino and Sergio Alba have also withdrawn from the competition, Sergio Alba reporting a chronic hand injury, as he explained on his Instagram account.

Therefore, the seven main seeds of the final draw are exempted from the 1/16th finals and will only enter the tournament in the 1/8th finals.

An amazing situation because the Open 1000 are supposed to work the same way as the Masters. But good news for the leaders of the padel worldwide, who will be able to take advantage of an additional day of rest after their week spent at the Qatar and a transatlantic voyage.

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