Le World Padel Tour Malmö Open will start this weekend in Sweden. Discover the competition tables!

Last week, Ramiro Moyano and Xisco Gil complained about their draw for the Menorca Open. The Spanish-Argentinian pair, who almost systematically inherit very difficult first rounds, were once again not spoiled. Indeed, Severino Iezzi's players will cross swords with the 8th seed, Gutiérrez / Gutiérrez in sixteenth. Another not easy draw...

As you'll see in the table, several other first-round matchups look interesting. We will notably follow the debut in the competition of Pablo Garcia and Miguel Yanguas, who are playing their first tournament together.

In the fight for the number 1 place, Coello and Tapia find themselves in the part of the table of Lebron and Galan, which is therefore rather favorable to the pursuers, Stupa and Di Nenno.

Among the girls, the hottest match on paper is perhaps the one between Lorena Rufo / Alix Collombon and the Frenchwoman's former partner, Victoria Iglesias and her new teammate Claudia Fernandez.

Aranzazu Osoro and Jessica Castello will certainly have to battle against a pair who almost took them out in Madrid, Rodriguez / Talavan.

Finally, Claudia Jensen and her partner Veronica Virseda, who dreams of Master Final, will have to avoid the Caparros / Navarro trap from the start.

The Alayeto twins, who want to keep their place as eighth pair, have been rather spoiled: they inherit a pair from qualifying in the first round!

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