Sick all week, Sanyo Gutiérrez lasted 36 minutes this Thursday at Palau Sant Jordi before giving up. A hard blow for the Argentinian and for his teammate of the day Mike Yanguas, who played his very first Final Master.

When you put world number 1s on one side and two players who have never played a professional match together on the other, you normally have an unbalanced match. But if on top of that, one of the players is sick and also doesn't play on his side, you are entitled to a completely one-sided match...

And while Coello and Tapia led 6/0 3/1, “El Mago”, visibly exhausted, gave up. The Argentinian, 39, who has complained a lot about the hectic pace this season, will finally be able to rest and we hope to return in great shape in 2024. With Paquito Navarro?

Arturo Coello won his very first match in a Master Final, and qualified with Tapia for the last four. A match which will not have cost much energy to Gus Pratto's players, but which will not have allowed them to take real bearings on this track which is supposed to be slow (this was not really obvious to the Coello smashes…). This could have its influence on Saturday in the nice clash that awaits them against Paquito Navarro and Fede Chingotto, who on the contrary will have had plenty of time to appreciate the conditions today !

In the meantime, see you tomorrow for the rest of the quarter-finals!

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