Having come close to the feat against Coello / Tapia in Italy, Javi Garrido and Momo Gonzalez arrived in Barcelona with confidence and the desire to make a success.

But unfortunately for them, the Andalusians came across a furious Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno after losing one of the biggest matches of the season in Lombardy.

A bit like Gemma Triay and Marta Ortega just before against Mapi Alayeto and Lucia Sainz, the Superpibes left only crumbs for their opponents of the day.

They won 6/1 6/1 and validated their ticket for the semi-finals. Tomorrow they will find... Lebron and Galan, their executioners from Milan... Unlike the Argentinians, the Spaniards have suffered a lot today to qualify against Sanz / Nieto. Will this riot of energy weigh in the balance in the semi-final? Not sure, but in any case we can't wait to see the revenge of this incredible match won 7/6 6/7 7/6 by Ale and Juan!

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