Miguel Semmler and Teo Zapata spoke to Mario Cordero after their victory at the N1 French Interclub Championships with Casa Padel. As you will see, they were then joined by two of their teammates…

A joy that dominates

Teo Zapata: “I am very, very happy. I got to know this team this year, it's a great group, I had a blast off the track, which is very important to me. I am very happy personally but also for the whole team which was incredible. I also thank the club for letting me share the track with Miguel today. He held the house, played at a very high level in the three games we played together, which is never easy when you come back from injury. I congratulate him and I am very happy to see him back at this level!”

Miguel Semmler: “I don't hit as hard as Teo or other players so I have to find other resources. There vibora is one of my best moves.”

“Yesterday morning I had a little trouble but Teo played very well. I had to get my bearings again, it had been a long time since I had participated in a competition. The fact of resuming in France before the start of the season, and as Teo said, with this great group, it is a very good thing. I met some wonderful people in France, who treated us amazingly throughout the weekend, so I'm very happy to have won this title, to be back, and above all very happy for the team."

The program for the next few weeks

Teo Zapata: Train thoroughly because we are still in the middle of pre-season and then see with our respective partners: Miguel will play with Pablo Lijo and I with Enrique Goenaga. Then we will start at Premier Padel P1 from Riyadh. So for now, we're going to run a lot, spend a lot of time in the gym, and get in shape for the season.

Cyril Hanouna : “Teo and Miguel had a crazy match. They're monsters, and what's more, they're guy crushes. We just laugh with them, there we only think about one thing: the evening. But be careful, don't worry, don't bullshit. We’re among friends, we’re going to have a laugh, I love them so much… Teo is French Champion for the third time, and next year he’s with us again.” Comments confirmed by the first person concerned.

To listen to the rest of Cyril's remarks and see the interview in its entirety, it's just below:

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