As our colleagues from Mundo Deportivo tell us, Spain will organize five stages of Premier Padel next season.

“Only” five competitions in Spain

With absorption of World Padel Tour by Premier Padel From next season, we wonder which cities will be chosen to organize the 24 tournaments which should be offered by the circuit managed by Qatar Sports Investment.

And obviously, the most represented country should be Spain, as Luigi Carraro explains: “Spain must continue to be the most important country in the world. padel, and this will still be the case in 2024.” Behind, in terms of organized events, we should find Italy, Argentina, and Mexico.

If Spain therefore remains the number 1 country, we still notice that the number of professional tournaments played on its lands will be divided by more than two compared to 2023... In fact, this season eleven WPT tournaments will be held there. are taking place while waiting for the Master Final in Barcelona. And by adding the Madrid P1, this brings the total to 13!

Several cities in ambush

In these conditions, we imagine that the cities will fight a fierce battle to try to be entitled to a stage. Still according to Mundo Deportivo, Madrid should still be entitled to its P1, Barcelona would have the end-of-season Masters, called Premier Finals, and behind several cities would be fighting for the three remaining places. Among them, Malaga, Seville, Bilbao, Valladolid and even Valencia.

We therefore understand that Premier Padel will offer a very international tour with 19 events outside Spain. Here too, the fight promises to be fierce between the different countries and different cities!

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