The 2024 season of Premier Padel will soon begin in Riyadh, and who says new year of padel also says new questions. Among them, the one concerning Agustin Tapia and Arturo Coello. Less visible during the second part of last season, can the Spanish-Argentinian pair once again get off to a strong start to the year?

A start to 2023 with a bang

Remember, a little over a year ago, Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia announced their new association and generated a flood of reactions from fans. If some already saw these two talents doing very poorly, others had doubts about the complementarity of these two players who are undeniably focused on attack.

Doubts which would very quickly be dispelled by the first coronation won under the noses of Ale Galan and Juan Lebron during the WPT Abu Dhabi Open, the inauguration tournament of the season. And after experiencing their very first defeat together in the following competition, at Premier Padel Qatar Major (against Stupa / Di Nenno), Arturo and Agustin would go on to win a series of victories, with a total of seven titles won consecutively on the World Padel Tour !


Unplayable, the men of the trio Crosetti / Martin / Pratto would continue their momentum and logically seize first place in the WPT. A throne that they would never relinquish, despite a less prolific end of the season, marked in particular by the great return of Lebron and Galan.

What balance of power in 2024?

After such a start to the year, Arturo and Agustin seemed to suffer at the end of the year. Nothing abnormal given the staggering number of matches that the world's best players had to play last season. Having also appeared a little blunted during the Hexagon Cup, the Argentinian and the Spaniard are undoubtedly working hard during the pre-season, and they should show a completely different face in Riyadh .

However, the feats achieved in 2023 will be even more difficult to accomplish in 2024. Firstly because now the other pairs know them, and if these two players have extraordinary talent, they obviously have some flaws in their game that others can exploit. . In a sport that is becoming increasingly professional, the coaches of the rival pairs have obviously done a lot of work on the video to try to best counter the plans of Arturo and Agus'.

Second, LeBron and Galan, the players who dominated the end of the season, seem to be back on top form. With Juan Lebron fully recovered from his forearm injury, they could hurt even more in 2024. So much so that for the majority of fans, it is the pair who will start the year with the head of series 1 in the back who will be the favorite…

Finally, we will also have to be wary of Di Nenno and Stupaczuk. The Argentinians, who are certainly not favored by the forecasts, were the most regular in 2023. With many trips planned this season, super kids, who have a great capacity to withstand the efforts, could surprise some. They have already shown themselves to be very strong at the Hexagon Cup and the Reserve Cup. Let's just hope for their sake that they don't get too fit too soon...

As you have understood, the tour de force achieved by Tapia and Collo last season will be even harder to accomplish in 2024. But if the pair who will start the season as seeded 2 at ranking FIP manages to win everything again in the first part of the year, the feat will be all the more beautiful!

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