It’s now a habit: we like to offer you surveys on Instagram in order to know your opinion on various current topics.

The latest: the one that asks you who you think will finish the 2024 season on top among the men. And as you will see, two pairs receive almost all of your votes*.

These two duos are Lebron / Galan and Coello Tapia. The former, who will start the season as number 1 pair, were the masters at the end of the 2023 season. The latter had clearly dominated the debates at the start of last year.

The current dynamic is therefore slightly in favor of the Spaniards, which is barely reflected in the votes, since they have 46% of the votes, compared to 44 for their rivals. So roughly one half of you agrees with Galan, who believes that he and his partner are strongest when they play at their best!

Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno, despite superb consistency last year, only account for 9% of the votes. It's simple, you don't see Carlos Pozzoni's players taking the throne in 2024. The two most aggressive duos on the circuit are therefore clearly favored by the prognosticators. THE super kids do they have a style of play that is too slow to hope to become the kings of padel global?

Behind, you hardly see anyone capable of taking control in 2024. As observers predict we should have a Top 3 installed and several pairs behind who will fight for fourth place. And if we are to believe this survey, the fight for first place between Coello / Tapia and Lebron / Galan should rage this season!

*You counted correctly: 46 + 44 + 9 + 2 = 101, there is a small bug with our friends at Instagram, but it doesn't change the results much in the end.

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