The FFT has decided to put limits on the organization of tournaments padel for clubs. Thus, those who have the fewest licensees padel and multi-rackets will not be able to offer as many approved competitions as they wish.

This measure was taken to prevent certain clubs and structures from being able to organize a large number of tournaments without a number of licenses correlating with their activity. Note that it only concerns men's tournaments. Clubs can still offer as many women's and youth tournaments as they want.

Here is the scale:

  • 40 licensees/track or more: unlimited
  • 30 to 39 licensees/track: 35
  • 20 to 29 licensees/track: 25
  • 10 to 19 licensees/track: 15
  • 5 to 9 licensees/track: 5
  • less than 5 licensees/track: 0

Note that the number of licensees taken into account is that as of August 31.

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