Clearly not their favorites meeting against Jairo Bautista and “Chipi” Muñoz, two players from the Top 50, Thomas Leygue and Ferran Insa had started off with a bang.

Leading 4/1 then 5/2, the Franco-Spanish pair defied all predictions on track 1 of the Allianz Cloud. More aggressive and inspired, the Frenchman and his partner seemed set to win the first set, which in itself was already a surprise. But with their backs against the wall, the Spaniards finally started playing at their best. Confidence regained, they chained three consecutive games to come back to the score.

Far from the level displayed at the start of the match, Leygue and Insa still managed to regain the lead in the round (6/5) but at the end of a one-sided tie-break (7/1), they saw their opponents win the first set.

It was then the end of the hopes of the Aixois and his teammate in this meeting. Frustrated at not having been able to realize a great opportunity, the two players were going to give up completely and let their rivals slip away to victory.

After having a small delay in starting, the favorites won 7/6 6/0 and qualified for the second round. Tomorrow, they will try to make a move against the Argentine pair Capra / Chozas, formed in the absence of Maxi Sanchez, injured until the end of the season.

Once the disappointment has been digested, Leygue and Insa can congratulate themselves on having succeeded in their tournament, having won two previa matches to qualify for the final table.

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