Big blow for Bullpadel which attracts Pablo Cardona to its ranks. The Spanish brand, which already includes Fede Chingotto, Paquito Navarro, Martin Di Nenno, Juan Tello, Alex Arroyo and Javi Leal to name a few, sees its men's team reinforced by a talented young player.

Having managed to reach 34th position on the WPT, the 19-year-old left-hander proved this season that he will have to be counted on in the future. This powerful 1m88 player who is “only” in 58th place in the FIP ranking, will initially have the mission of returning to the Top 35, before perhaps hoping for better?

Anyway, it has a pala Bullpadel that the native of Mérida will now continue his career. Like Alex Arroyo or even Javi Leal, it is with the Bullpadel Ionic Power that Pablo will distill his powerful smashes. We will also follow him from this week onHexagon Cup !

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