You must have lived on another planet for the past 7 days not to have heard of the “Djokovic case”. padel professional will visit many countries next season: could a similar situation happen in our sport?

Djokovic's situation

Le No. 1 worldwide tennis player has been publicly opposed to any type of vaccine for a very long time. It is therefore natural that he did not vaccinate against the coronavirus. However, to enter Australia, the vaccine is compulsory.

While Australian public opinion was dismayed when the organization of theAustralian Open granted the Serbian a exceptional authorization to participate in Grand Chelem, police arrested Novak upon arrival at the airport. From there began a legal battle between Djokovic's lawyers and the Australian government, which made the arrival of the Serbian on its territory a state matter.

Djokovic won his legal appeal on procedural grounds, but the government wants to confront the Serb with his contradictions, and is ready to do anything to cancel the visa of “Nole".

djokovic australia

A similar situation in the padel most likely wouldn't make so much media noise, but we can ask ourselves that on the eve of the most international season in WPT and APT history.

Many countries visited by the pro circuits of padel

The two professional international circuits will indeed visit many countries.

Le World Padel Tour will go to the United States, Mexico, Spain, Belgium, France, Sweden, Denmark, Argentina, Portugal, and a country in the Middle East.

THEAPT Padel Tour meanwhile only announced the first half with Paraguay, Argentina, Monaco, South Africa, Spain, Portugal and Austria.

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A priori, none of these destinations has for the moment a policy as strict as that of Australia regarding the vaccination of travelers. The most stringent country should presumably be that of the Middle East for the WPT, but at the moment we don't know exactly which one it is, although it looks like Dubai is on the rise. So there could be a problem if a WPT player is not vaccinated.

What we do know is that before vaccination, players had to take numerous PCR tests to play tournaments, and that in Spain these tests cost around € 90. The players were therefore vaccinated with economic enthusiasm to no longer have to pay these large sums to be tested. To date, we have no knowledge of an unvaccinated player, and it will be difficult to keep a secret if a country on the calendar requires vaccination to enter the territory ...

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