As we said, the FIP has decided to bet on Spain for the most prestigious tournaments of the FIP Tour. And after the FIP Platinum in Valladolid, scheduled for June 24 to 30, it's the FIP Platinum from Menorca which is confirmed!

This is a big difference compared to previous years: the circuit Premier Padel, resolutely focused on the international, with 25 events contested in 18 different countries, only grants 4 tournaments to Spain in 2024. A big difference compared to the 13 leading competitions which took place last year at our Iberian friends (WPT + Premier Padel).

But to allow Spain and its large community padel to still benefit from other high-level tournaments, the FIP decided to give it several of these finest tournaments. After Valladolid, it is Menorca which will be able to organize a FIP Platinum. The competition will take place from October 14 to 20.

Present during the official presentation of the competition, the player from Mahón Gemma Triay said she was very satisfied with this news. We hope thatlike Arturo Coello in Valladolid, she will travel to play this tournament at home!

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