La start of the 2024 A1 season Padel approach ! In fact, we now know who is registered for the Puebla Open and the Monaco Master!

It is in Puebla, from March 4 to 10, that hostilities will begin on the Fabrice Pastor circuit. As always in A1 competitions taking place in South America, there is a majority of South American players. We still notice that many players from the Iberian Peninsula are registered, with 32 Spaniards and 2 Portuguese!

This competition will be an opportunity to see if Arce and Dal Bianco are off to another year of domination or if one of the new pairs (Aguirre/Alfonso and De Pascual/Torre in the lead) can hope to take leadership from them.

Registrants HERE.

In Monaco, for the first Masters of the season, which will take place from March 15 to 24, a large number of players are expected. The South American big names will obviously be there again, but they will have to be wary of Spanish pairs who want to steal the show in Europe. We also note that a large number of South Africans have registered for the African qualifications.

On the other hand, for once in Monaco, among the more than 200 players registered, there is only one Frenchman, Harold Bernard, who will share the track with the Tunisian Maher Bouguerra.

Find the list of registered HERE.

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