While many legends of padel world players announce in turn that they are retiring this year, we can continue to benefit from a player who will have marked his era: Cristian Gutiérrez Albizu.

The 45-year-old made his comeback yesterday at the Panama Open, with the Spaniard Victor Saenz. And as both men usually play on the right side, Cristian moved to the left, remembering his first years as a professional player.

Even if he is not necessarily in top form, the Argentinian was sufficiently comfortable to allow his team to win a good fight in three sets against Deltell/Castañeyra: 6/3 6 /7 6/3. For those who would like to watch the match again, it is here.

Tomorrow, it's against Yain Melgratti and Santiago Rolla, who find color in Panama, that the Spanish-Argentinian pair will try to get a ticket to the quarter-finals!

Find the table just below:

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