It is in the region of Valencia, and more precisely in Castellón de la Plana that a new stage of the famous circuit will take place from June 12 to 18. A1 Padel.

A big project for the region

For some time now, the city of Castellón has become a major player in sport at an international level. This time it's at padel to enter the stage and come to delight the “padellocal eros. Especially since it has been confirmed by the organizers of the event, this Mediterranean stage will be repeated for the next three years, that is to say until 2025.

For the organization of this competition, an envelope of 130 euros was delivered and a good number of local companies decided to join the adventure to make this tournament a major event. On the program are activities related to the little yellow ball, exhibition matches and many other surprises.

City of Castello
City of Castello

An appointment not to be missed

This great event will therefore be held from June 12 to 18, first at La Plana Sport for the qualifying phases for the first three days. And it is within the confines of the great El Ciutat de Castello that the tournament will continue. The structure will be able to accommodate up to 5200 people.

Photo credit : El Periodic Mediterranean

Sebastien Carrasco

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