Present at 4Padel Montreuil during a tournament between celebrities qualifying for the finals of the Betclic Remontada, footballer Adil Rami spoke to Franck Binisti's microphone.

Like many footballers, the former international defender enjoys himself on the slopes of padel for a while, and he intends to continue!

“When we play padel, we have fun. My strong point is potatoes, I like to smash. At padel we know that we shouldn't smash 100%, but when I see the ball coming I want to hit it very hard. It's a bit like golf, it makes you want to let off steam. But I have to progress on the bandejas, viboras, on high balls in general, because when I see the ball coming I don’t want to take it to the side…”

“I'm not a beginner, it's been six months since I started playing. Now we have to continue, take lessons, but I will progress!”

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