Strong sequence from Alexis Salles and Benjamin Tison who motivate the French team Padel before the final of the European Championships against the Italians.

Alexis Salles: “It has to be a great victory for all nine and that will launch us into the final and get this title. This is the week we are here for and I have confidence in you. Okay guys? »

Benjamin Tison: “One thing, you know that I am disgusted not to be able to play and that I was very sad. There, I'm very happy because I know that you will do the work and that tomorrow, we will experience an exceptional moment with or without me, it doesn't matter, that's not the problem. We have to give ourselves this chance to have the opportunity to play in a final. Everyone dreams of playing against Italy, it's exceptional here. Do the work, be serious, the matches are hard because we know we are favorites. But that's where we have to be in shape together and really, we're giving everything to have this chance tomorrow. I count on you. »

For France !

Leonard Bassi

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