The decisive day of the Master Final of theAPT Padel Tour delivered its verdict. Germani/Aguirre, Alfonso/Julianoti, Dal Bianco/Arce and Britos/Barrera.

The n°1, and Julianoti/Alfonso!

What a meeting! Julio Julianoti and Gonzalo Alfonso win the best opposition of the week and qualify for the semi-finals by leaving group A.

Agustin “El Loco” Torre and Gonzalo Alfonso warmed up well during the match, providing very strong moments of positive tension. It is in this atmosphere that Alfonso reached his best level: he played his best match for several months.

"I think I played at my best level, but Julio can do even better, he's a monster", explained Gonzalo in a post-match interview.

Gonzalo G.Alfonso / Julio Julianoti 6-2 / 6-7 / 6-3 Agustin Torre / Diego Ramos 

Maximilian Maple / Franco Da Bianco 3-6 / 6-3 / 6-4 Maximiliano Sánchez / Alex Chozas

“It's true that we got off to a bad start, but; we quickly got on the right track”, explained Maxi Arce at a press conference.

Britos/Barrera had its place

When they are at this level, Tolito Aguirre and Tito Allemandi really seem to be unplayable. With the visual sensation that the two Argentines do not force, Tito and Tolito unroll.

Miguel Oliveira and Juan Restivo will never be able to shake up the No. 1 seed, which passes easily as 1st in Group B.

"I can play a lot better than that, and that will be the target for the halves.”, expressed Tolito at the end of the meeting.

Leonel Aguirre / Adrian Allemandi 6 / 2 6 / 0 Juan Restivo / Miguel Oliveira

Pablo Barrera and Andres Britos will finally be part of the 'Final Four' of the APT season Padel Round. The pair that had dazzled the circuit at the start of the season are finding a second youth to take their place among the very best.

In a match very well started by Chiostri and Melgratti, the latter lost the lead at 5/2 in favor in the first set. What comes next is a bad show. Federico and Yain fail to regain lucidity and ultimately bow out.

Pablo barrera / Andres Britos 6 / 2 6 / 4 Federico Chiostri / Yain Melgratti

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