Maximilian Maple / Franco Da Bianco won in their third match of the group stage of the Master Final of theAPT Padel Tour in Guadalajara.

Alex Chozas and Maxi Sanchez Blasco knew it before the match: mathematically they no longer had a chance of qualifying for the semi-finals. Without any pressure, the two young Argentinians were able to show their best padel and dominate the No. 1 in the first set.

Stung in their pride, it was obvious that Maxi Arce and Franco Dal Bianco were going to react. They easily won the second set and took advantage of the psychological advantage to conclude in three sets. Irreproachable course of the numbers 1 who present themselves in the last four with 3 victories.

Maximilian Maple / Franco Da Bianco 3-6 / 6-3 / 6-4 Maximiliano Sánchez / Alex Chozas

“It is true that we got off to a bad start, but we quickly got on the right track”, explained Maxi Arce at a press conference.

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