As we explained to you previously, the academy Padel Stuff, located in Bilbao, will offer us a series of videos to discover the evolution of Paul Daulan, a young Pau who decided to cross the border to “continue learning in the paradise of padel".

Paul chose to settle in the academy Padel Stuff, in which he will be able to teach, but above all improve as a player by training with Andoni Bardasco (ex 25th player in the world).

When asked for his reaction after his first training sessions, Paul explains:

"During the first days, I had the opportunity to train with a young player who had just reached the round of XNUMX at the last Spanish Youth Championships. With Andoni, we worked a lot on direct play on the forehand and backhand, and especially on movements to be able to find the right positions which allow us to play the ball correctly at every moment.

There are a lot of details that save a lot of time during a game, by optimizing your preparations and your position on the track. I realized that I tend to overprepare and get up when hitting, and I have a lot of work ahead of me to correct that and get closer to the level I'm looking for.


Before I came here, I felt like I was using my legs and putting in the physical effort needed for a good padel, but now I realize that I was moving very badly.”

To illustrate these points, here is the first episode on direct work. This is the start of a series of videos which will allow us to follow Paul's work very carefully in the weeks that follow.

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