Alors que le Premier Padel Qatar Major is in full swing, the FIP reminds us that Qatar is also, on its scale, a land of padel.

Indeed, according to official figures, in the region of the city of Doha, where the tournament is played, there are almost 80% of the 150 tracks and 40 clubs where it is possible to play padel in Qatar. Since 2021, the Qatar Tennis Federation (11 clubs and 80 courts) has been affiliated with the International Tennis Federation. padel and also contributes to the growth of this sport by organizing international tournaments. In 2023 alone, there have been five, all in Doha: the Qatar Major of course but also one FIP Star, two FIP Rise and one FIP Promotion.

According to estimates from the FIP Research and Data Analysis Department, in 2023 there were more than 1 players with a national license, tens of thousands of amateur players, and as many as 350 Qatari players ranked by the FIP. Furthermore, if we add up the points of all the male players from each nation individually, Qatar is the eighth country with the most points in the world (the first in all of Asia) thanks to no less than eight players in the Top 71 and even two players in the Top 300: Mohammed Saadon Alkuwari, 200nd, and Abdulla Alhijji, 162rd in the FIP ranking!

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