Like we did with men, we wanted to carry out a poll on Instagram to see who you think is the best smasher on the circuit.

For this, we have therefore offered you a traditional poll on Instagram. As usual, three names have been proposed to you, in addition to the mention “other”.

And the result is clear: Bea Gonzalez, who received 47% of the votes, is according to you the best smasher in the world. It must be said that Delfi Brea's teammate, who has superb technique, is not afraid to try to finish points with powerful shots. The proof in pictures !

Behind “La Perla del Palo”, we find Paula Josemaria, who despite her 60 meter height, is very comfortable in the field and proves that there is no need to be tall to be strong at smashing.

Finally, Gemma Triay, although impressive with her Par 3s and her smashes at the line, obtained less than 20% of the votes…

We notice that the three players proposed are for you the best in the exercise, since between them they collect 95% of the votes. We imagine that among the remaining 5%, several votes were given to Sofia Araujo, who in addition to benefiting from a bajada very effective, is capable of delivering very powerful smashes.

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