Victorious in the first P2000 of the season with his partner Thomas Leygue, Bastien Blanqué returned to Mario Cordero's microphone on the reasons which pushed the French Champions to go to Carquefou rather than to Sweden where the FIP Rise in Gothenburg was being played .

“Firstly the playing conditions, we knew it would be good in Carquefou, and then the financial aspect since travel in Sweden is quite expensive. And then it's the start of the season, I returned from vacation on January 7, we only had two weeks to prepare, it seemed logical to start again with a P2000. We have a federal contract which requires us to come back and play tournaments in France. In the end, all this meant that we wanted to resume in France in January, with the French team championships also at the beginning of February and to resume internationally, for me with Dylan and for Thomas with his Spanish partner (Insa).”

“For my part, I preferred to do it this way rather than spending a lot of money and making a long trip to earn five or six points in Sweden, or maybe not even…”

His partner Thomas Leygue added: “First of all, it’s always a pleasure for us to come to France. Then, making a trip to Sweden which is financially complicated, and with a lot of pairs registered at the base – the table became a lot freer afterwards – to take, as Bastien says, four or eight points, that was not one of the objectives start of the season”. A situation which inevitably delighted the Nantes public this weekend!

For those who would like to see the interview in its entirety, it's just below:

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