After victory in the Urban P2000 finalPadel Carquefou, Thomas Leygue and Bastien Blanqué moved to microphone by Mario Cordero. The reigning French Champion returned to the final but also to another hot topic: the Nationale 1 Interclubs.

Both players will be making their first appearance in the competition. Quite logically, Bastien Blanqué will play with Toulouse Padel Club, a club he signed with a year and a half ago. He will be accompanied by several good French players: Dylan Guichard, Thibaud Pech, Benoit Theard, Nicolas Trancart, Jean Dumartin…

For his part, Thomas Leygue confirmed that he would join Casa Padel, a team that could count Mario Huete, Miguel Semmler or even Teo Zapata in its ranks. Will the Parisians actually be the favorites of the competition?

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