While certain brands like StarVie or Varlion decide to sponsor fewer and fewer players, Bullpadel is taking the opposite turn by securing the services of a large number of leading players.

As proof, the Spanish brand counts four players in the Male Top 10 (Di Nenno, Navarro, Chingotto, Tello) and five players in the Women's Top 10 (Triay, Brea, Salazar, Araujo, Castello)! In addition to these top-tier players, Bullpadel also sponsors Claudia Jensen (13), Claudia Fernandez (24), Alex Arroyo (25), Marta Talavan (26), Carolina Orsi (27), Javi Leal (33)… and recently secured the services of promising Pablo Cardona (58), winner of the very first UPT in history (for girls, it's a pair 100% Bullpadel who won in La Coruña, Castello / Jensen). The young Pablo Garcia (101) and José Jimenez (103), other hopes of this sport, are also equipped by the brand with the big B.

Cardona Bullpadel 2024

Looking at these names we see that the Spanish brand is banking on a mix of current stars and emerging talents, but not only that! In fact, she recently strengthened her team with a retiree who does not remain a leading ambassador: Juan Martin Diaz !

It’s simple, the brand matters 12 players in the Top 25 (masculine and feminine) ! It is three times more than its dolphins Head (Josemaria, Sanchez, Coello, Goenaga), Wilson (Belasteguin, Garrido, Capra, Collombon) and Adidas (Galan, Ruiz, Ortega, Rufo)!

You understood it, for the moment, Bullpadel is by far the most represented brand in major tournaments. In addition to offering very high quality rackets, the Spanish firm therefore relies on great visibility: a rather profitable strategy since the palas Bullpadel are among the best-selling in the world!

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