It's a big weekend of padel which will take place at the Pinède in Juan-les-Pins on June 28 and 29, including four of the biggest stars in the world, all sponsored by Bullpadel, who are going to the Alpes-Maritimes for an event like no other.

Le Bullpadel Show 06 is a clash between a team formed by former San Antonio Spurs basketball player Tony Parker and former footballer Robert Pirès, world champion in 1998. Former footballers Eric Abidal and Ludovic Giuly will also be there, as will comedians Redouane Bougheraba and Cartman. The players of the French team Charlotte Soubrié and Alix Collombon will also be present.

The highlight of the show will be the Galacticos match, which will pit Paquito Navarro and Martin Di Nenno against Fede Chingotto and Juan Tello!

The program below:

So, who will win, Team Pirès or Team Parker?

To reserve your places, go to HERE !

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