If you are at all interested in snowshoes padel, you most certainly know the Bullpadel Vertex 04, the racket used in particular by Juan Tello. For those who are interested, she was tested by Stéphane Penso a few weeks ago.

Today, the Spanish brand presents us with a very special Vertex 04: a special edition for the Premier Padel GNP Mexico P1 which begins Monday in Acapulco. As you will see, this pala should not leave anyone indifferent…

This Vertex 04 has two sides with very different designs. On the main side we observe a black background with the letter B logo in pearl color, as well as designs of skulls Mexican and typical flowers. We find the Mexican flag at the bottom and top of the racket. In addition to the tournament logo alongside that of the brand, we also see the signatures Juan Tello and Martín Di Nenno.

The real centerpiece is on the back of the racket. The vibrant colors stand out against a black background with four skulls surrounding a larger one in the center.

Pablo Rovaletti, product director at Bullpadel, explains: “We wanted to create a design based on Mexican tradition, which draws on myth and joy, chaos and diversity; in life and death. THE skulls Mexicans, loaded with symbolism and rooted in culture, have significant importance in the history of Mexico. They are more than simple representations of death, they express appreciation of life, respect for ancestors and acceptance of the inevitability of death. We knew from the start that we wanted to express all of this in the racket.”

The new limited edition will soon be available for sale on the site of Bullpadel and can also be purchased on site during the GNP México P1.

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