As a global leader, Bullpadel seduces enthusiasts with its successful combination of often minimalist design and always promising performance. Benefiting from a global scale, a complete range of quality equipment, a perfectly mastered communications department, with a constant commitment to research and development, as well as solid sponsorship support, the brand redefines industry standards padel, and his coronation is more than deserved.

Innovation, at the heart of the philosophy of Bullpadel, results in continuous technological advancements giving players a competitive advantage.

The Spanish brand can also count on a team of leading, authentic and loyal athletes, including Navarro, Chingotto, Tello, Di Nenno, Salazar, Brea, Triay, etc. Each of these players has a signature racket designed according to their personal preferences.

Ready to start the countdown, we will organize this file into several sections: 4 Vertex rackets, 3 Hack, women's references, and the very latest exclusive dedicated to Federico Chingotto, the Neuron.

Vertex 04: the emblem of Bullpadel

The name “Vertex” undeniably evokes power and performance for enthusiasts of padel.
Of Latin origin, it derives from the word “verticem”, meaning summit.

Bullpadel has aspired to the zenith for several years by marketing this reference, which has reached its peak in terms of popularity and sales volume.

This model is available in several versions to meet the varied expectations of players around the world.
For men, it was introduced by Maxi Sanchez and is currently used by Juan Tello.

For women, the Vertex W is the pala chosen by Delfi Brea and Sofia Araujo. As for Martin Di Nenno, he takes in hand the Vertex 04 Comfort, a more docile option, as you will see in a later chapter.

The fourth iteration of the reference Vertex maintains the diamond shape, with a high balance, a medium/hard feel and a fairly firm coating. These characteristics clearly indicate that this racket is mainly intended for left-handed players adopting an aggressive style of play, following the lineage of previous versions. Indeed, the incorporation of certain technologies suggests that advanced mastery is required to fully exploit all of these specific combinations, thus ensuring optimal performance under ideal playing conditions.

The length of the handle is standard and it features Hesacore technology with an overgrip already installed and a premium wrist strap equipped with a sliding padded bracelet for absolute comfort on the wrist.

In terms of aesthetics, the matte surface maintains its sober and contemporary appearance, as is usual with Bullpadel. The black background with the checkered carbon pattern is struck by the world-recognized logo, an imposing poppy red “B” which occupies almost the entire center of the sieve. The top and base of the frame feature a glossy surface that highlights important information. The signature “JT” for Juan Tello is also affixed, clearly indicating that this is a pala specific to this high-powered player.

Bullpadel Vertex 04 close-up technologies

The core inside the frame is made of foam Multi Eva, which merges the benefits of two distinct types of foam: a soft foam on the inside and a firmer foam on the outside. This synergy allows, depending on the game sequences, to obtain a soft and pleasant touch while ensuring optimal power and control. The soft foam on the inside absorbs vibrations, reducing arm and wrist fatigue, while the harder foam on the outside provides increased power and better control.

The coating Xtend 12K Carbon represents a particular type of carbon, distinguished by the use of bi-axially interwoven ribbons rather than conventional carbon threads.
This approach aims to improve the strength and rigidity of the pala. By weighing between 20% and 30% less than usual fibers, this novelty makes it possible to create a more manageable model, which is particularly notable for a material generally known for its heaviness.

However, the real innovation lies in the system Curv:Active. The twisted screen design features a variable section that allows changing geometry to be implemented on the side of the frame, providing improved resistance to distortion thanks to its curved shape.
This results in a better distribution of vibrations and stresses across the entire racket, while increasing rigidity compared to previous models.

Improved vibration distribution and aerodynamics are enhanced by channel integration Air Power. This is a channel created through a hollow piece located between the handle and the frame, surpassing a solid piece in terms of efficiency and robustness.
As the racket moves through space, the acceleration applied to the ball increases, making it lighter and more streamlined. The airflow circulates through this open channel at the heart of the racket, creating a harmonious whole, increasing the air penetration coefficient even more significantly than the old Air React Channel technology (+23,5 %). With less material, this opening minimizes air resistance, providing a much more spontaneous swing speed. The combination of Curv:Aktiv + Air Power strengthens the structure significantly.

The surface of the racket retains the presence of Top Spin, a rough texture offering excellent spin, and which covers the entire frame.

Le Custom Weight gives you the ability to customize the weight and balance of the racquet, allowing you to find the ideal formula that best suits your preferences.
This system offers customizable weights that make it easy to adjust the racket to various situations. You have the option of adding three metal plates, each weighing 3 grams, to strategic locations on the frame to achieve optimal balance.
In addition, two interchangeable weights, called Grip Custom Weight, and weighing 5 or 10 grams, are available to further improve handling. One of the two plates is fixed under the handle of the racket; thus, each player can adjust the balance and weight specifications according to their intentions.

These features make the racket extremely versatile, able to easily evolve according to individual preferences. For example, if you want to increase the explosiveness of your attacks, simply move the balance of the racket upwards to improve leverage during smashes.

Vibradrive is a system that integrates a small piece of rubber into the handle, facilitating the absorption of vibrations not only during conventional ball strikes, but especially during off-center hits. This integration aims to reduce bad vibes resulting from ball impacts, which can help prevent certain injuries, while improving overall comfort.

This reference also benefits from the renowned Heart Vertex, which distributes weight and forces while eliminating vibration, twisting, and increasing rigidity.

Le CarbonTube, a hollow tube made entirely of carbon, surrounds the racket frame, providing an optimal compromise between power and control.

And the famous grip Hesacore, characterized by its honeycomb design, creates a larger contact surface between the hand and the handle and which allows the fingers to be positioned on a concave surface, thus reducing stress, the transmission of vibrations and minimizing the risk of injuries.


In a playing situation, this racket retains its remarkable attack-oriented DNA, and I found that the balance, natively oriented upwards, was not as destabilizing as one might think. Vibrations are very well managed (on this subject, it is undeniable that most manufacturers have made significant progress), which translates into improved typing comfort.
She particularly excels in fast aerial play, attack volleys, and of course, powerful smashes.

It is important to note that its stiffness and responsiveness are considerable, the sweet spot is relatively small, but the power and precision are exceptional when the ball is correctly centered.

Comparing with a Vertex 03 (new) that I also had at my disposal, I observed that the most recent version was slightly less powerful, but more maneuverable.
This maneuverability, unusual for a diamond-shaped racket, seems to be influenced by the new Air Power system, which considerably reduces air resistance during rapid rallies, and this can even be destabilizing for those who discover this reference for the first time !

However, in a defensive situation, it does not have the same performance as palas equipped with soft rubber or added glass fibers in the faces, and it will be necessary to demonstrate technique during rapid phases where you are entrenched against your plexiglass.

I also had the opportunity to put the Vertex 04 Hybrid, as its name suggests, adopting a shape much closer to the drop of water (the round CTR versions of the Proline series having been withdrawn from the catalog Bullpadel).

This variant incorporates precisely the same technological advances as the classic Vertex 04, but is distinguished by a lower balance.
This characteristic results in increased ease of handling and even more marked responsiveness of the gesture during intense moments of play. Intended for players who are a little more focused on control, this racket offers maneuverability that I really appreciated, while still retaining considerable striking power.

However, it is important to note that it displays less intensity in aggressive play, thus requiring more power in smashes to achieve the same level of performance as the Vertex Classic.


The Vertex range, spearhead at Bullpadel, continues its evolution by integrating several technologies associated with the expertise of the Spanish brand.
The Vertex 04 and Vertex 04 Hybrid references stand out as formidable, high-performance choices, ideal for players looking to hit hard while controlling their shots.

The Vertex 04 Hybrid emphasizes a little more versatility with its teardrop shape and lowered balance, while the Vertex 04 focuses on raw power, making it the weapon of choice for players focusing on a more explosive style of play.

It should be noted that these two references are more suitable for experienced players who have already acquired a certain expertise in the practice of padel. Without a doubt, these rackets promise to be essential for the year 2024 and should once again be a huge success.

It should be noted that there are other models at Bullpadel, some being less demanding, or even more powerful than the Vertex 04 (which will be detailed very soon). This is why it is recommended to take the time to carefully consult the tests available on Padel Magazine to choose the racket that best suits your style of play.

The next part will be devoted to the Vertex W (Women) and CMF (Comfort), thus revealing their own and indisputable advantages compared to the two rackets that we have just analyzed!

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