How does it work?

Here are the main points to follow for clubs and players of padel in the context of homologation of clubs padel, the organization of a tournament.


A tournament padel can only be FFT approved if it is organized by:

  • A club affiliated to the FFT
  • A club eligible for the FFT
  • A departmental committee or a regional league.

A tournament padel FFT approved must respect:

  • The rules of the game padel and FFT;
  • The sports regulations of padel FFT.

All tournaments must be approved by their league.

The homologation request must be sent to the league concerned at least 15 days before the start of the competition.

For the homologation form for a tournament of padel, just contact your league or to click HERE.

Organization of a tournament

Different formulas are possible:

  1. Online starting board;
  2. Multi-chance tournament table (TMC);
  3. Group stage, followed by a table with a row start.

An event can only be approved if it contains a minimum of 4 pairs of doubles.

The players must all be licensed to the FFT for the current sporting year and at least 11 years of age by the registration deadline set by the organizer.

Only the men's and women's doubles events (excluding consolations) will give points for the classification of padel.

Preference for TMC

Affiliated clubs and authorized structures may organize tournaments approved by the FFT.

Multi-chance tournaments as well as tournaments in the form of “pools + tableau” will take place in most clubs, these formulas allowing participants to play several matches.

The ranking in padel 

The competitors will earn points according to a scale taking into account the importance of the tournaments played. The ranking will take into account the 4 best results of the players. Only the women's and men's events will be counted.

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