Manuela Schuck is a champion on the court, and an example off it. Discover her amazing story and her light way of living the life of a professional player.

I will never go back!

Lorenzo : Tell us your story. How did you start the padel and did you arrive in Spain?

Manuela: “I started at a club near my house with my parents. When I was 12, I was invited to play for Brazil's underage team. I started to train a little more, and to travel from time to time. My parents supported me a lot. When I was 15, I played the Brazilian circuit with my sister-in-law. At 16 I had my first selection with the national team.

Lorenzo: When did you want to go to Spain to train?

Manuela : When I was 19 I wanted to try Barcelona for 3 months with Juan Alday. I didn't like it at all and said I would never go back! I didn't like being alone. I was studying architecture at the time. I went back to Brazil and I was number 1 on the Brazilian circuit. I was told to go back to Spain, and one day I decided to go back there to play the World Padel Tour.

It would be important for there to be a lot more parity

Lorenzo: How do you see the situation of padel feminine and the potential signature of the ladies at Premier Padel ?

Manuela : It is a very complicated subject, because we do not control. But the more international it will be, the more it will grow. It would be important for there to be a lot more parity. There was a time when the padel masculine was much more attractive, but that's over. We work a lot.

There must be no exclusivity, because we must be able to play several tournaments. I want a circuit that gives us the floor and allows us to carry weight. We represent the show.

Lorenzo: How do you feel the support of the fans from Brazil?

Manuela : With social networks I read a lot of things, and I receive very beautiful energies. I feel this strength. I feel it on the track. I want to win, but in the end we won't walk out of here with the money or the trophies. We will leave here with the people, the experiences, the moments, the feelings. That's the most important thing, and that's what I enjoy.

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