Present at P2000 on 4Padel Strasbourg alongside the Spaniard Joseda Sanchez, Cyril Hanouna offered us some exclusives after his defeat against Groll / Garcia.

First, the host of TPMP explained to us that he was going to play with Arthur Hugounenq next season. Indeed, he prefers to play on the left side where he always feels more comfortable, and therefore intends to take advantage of the power of the left-hander, often decisive on high balls. To continue to have fun and progress, Cyril is going to do an internship in Spain this winter. The objective is clear: “focus less on results and more on improving your level of play”.

Furthermore, he explains to us that a program is being prepared by Canal Plus, possibly with a focus on French players abroad. No type show “Top 50 Objective”, but more a desire to film the daily life of high-level French players, as he explains in the second part of the video below (the first deals with his association with Joseda Sanchez):

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