Frédérick Bembassat gets on Franck Binisti's microphone and tells us a scoop: an opening of a center 4PADEL, on the side of…

And 4!

Franck Binisti: Frédérick, I understand that there is very good news around the padel was going on on your side...

Frédérick Bembassat: Yes indeed Franck, it's a pleasure to talk with you, especially since it's been eleven years to the day since you made us play for the first time at padel in France at the Pyramides club in 78. A few months later, in January 2014, the very first tracks of padel indoor network 4PADEL were installed in Champigny. You are no stranger to all of this after all, so thank you!

Franck: So concretely, after Champigny in 2014, Dunkirk in 2017, and Lens-Liévin in 2022, do you have a scoop to announce to the readers of Padel Magazine ?

Frederick : Absolutely and it's a pleasure for me to give you the scoop: we have just signed a lease very close to the city center of Amiens with my long-time sidekick Mehdy. We are going to open our first 100% club padel 8 indoor and 2 outdoor courts with a ceiling height of 12 meters. 4PADEL Amiens will offer a premium experience for its future practitioners with room for outings and lobs.

Franck : Why Amiens ?

Frederick : We felt a real lack of land in this city and a real need to set up a large center there so that players can feel good there and play as much as they want. You know our attention to detail, the last center must always be the most beautiful, and we really go all out.

Franck : But then, all that is for when

Frederick : I was waiting for the question, we want to do it as quickly as possible but to be reasonable we will say that the center will be the gift under the Christmas tree for all “padelistes” from Amiens. We should be able to open between November and December 2024.

More good news…

Franck : Before parting, don't you have any other nice surprises to announce?

Frederick : You know me by heart (laughs). Come on, let me unpack: we are going to push the walls at Lens-Liévin and we should go from 6 to 8 pitches in a few months because our players are starting to feel cramped.

Franck: And nothing else?

Frederick : We can't hide anything from you! We didn't want the Dunkirks to be jealous so we will have a nice announcement to make very soon, but you won't know more for now.

Generally speaking, we are delighted to progress and offer ever more quality in the player experience to players in the North of France, in the wake of the new Rouen club, and the next openings of the network in Lille. We are delighted to keep this sport alive, to introduce it to more and more people, and to always collaborate locally with town halls and local authorities. Since the beginning of our adventure with Mehdy we have found ourselves in the DNA of the PLAYERS group, which aims to contribute through sport to creating social bonds and promoting inclusion through sport.

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