Jerzy Janowicz, former ATP world number 13 and 2013 Wimbledon semi-finalist, competes in the European games at home in Poland, Krakow. The Pole now represents his country in a racket sport other than tennis and himself qualifies the padel of “sport of its rebirth”. Today, Jerzy Janowicz enters the table accompanied by Marcin Maszczyk. They will face Benjamin Chavanis and Nicolas Fedoroff. They are in the lower part of the table, in that of the French team Leygue/Scatena.

A booming sport in Poland

The 2m03 tall server played his last tennis match last September, during his “home” Challenger in Szczecin. Since then, he has swapped the tennis racquets for those of padel. And once again, it was at home that he embarked on the adventure of the European Games in Krakow. The city's main square has been set up to host this major event. In Poland, the padel is developing to such an extent that another tennis champion, Agnieszka Radwanska, has taken up the “pala”. Likewise, famous former footballers such as Tomasz Kłos or Marcin Żewłakow, both nationally ranked, have also chosen the padel. However, Janowicz, with his experience in tennis, is one of the players to follow with great curiosity, thus taking the same path as the Italian Roberta Vinci, who started a second career in the padel.

Far from physical worries

Injuries, especially those to his knees which had been operated on several times, have been a handicap throughout his career, including in his last season. “It's my rebirth after so many injuries. THE padel is very different from tennis, and the earnings are also different (laughs, editor's note), but with the padel, I can play, have fun and pursue goals without fearing for my body. At this point in my life, the padel is very important and fun to practice, it's the complete opposite of what tennis has represented for me in recent years. I started to hate him because of the many physical problems I encountered. Now with the padel, you see it, don't you? I am smiling again,” rejoices the Pole.

Accustomed to Davis Cup matches, Janowicz also won a tournament in Tychy earlier this year. He was associated with his compatriot Marcin Maszczyk, who will also be his partner during these European Games. The player explains: “Last November, I did some training with players from padel Spanish professionals in Alicante, and I will be returning there in a few weeks to work hard with them. I have retained many strokes from tennis, and the only way to change the way I play is to practice.” Janowicz will participate in the men's doubles and mixed doubles events: with his two meters of power and talent, he will try to bring back a medal in Poland.

Source: FIP

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