The first P2000 of 2023, last weekend in Bordeaux, was particularly interesting with surprises at all levels and a feeling that the gaps tend to close.

Cards reshuffled in the absence of certain leaders

Among men, players who participate in international competitions have already warned: they will not be systematically present in France if big tournaments take place at the same time as the P2000. Thus, we deplored the absences of Benjamin Tison, Thomas Leygue, Jérémy Scatena, Jérôme Inzerillo and Max Moreau, all in Doha to compete in the Premier Padel Qatar Major. For their part, Dylan Guichard and Manuel Vives participated in the FIP Promotion of Kaunas, a tournament they won.

Without all these players, Bastien Blanqué and Adrien Maigret were big favourites. The players of the France team have kept their rank, but still had to whip in the quarter and final against rising pairs: Cancel / Seurin and Grué / Raichman.

Among the girls, the double champions of France Léa Godallier and Alix Collombon had not made the trip to Gironde. And behind those who have never lost in France, we saw that the competition was raging. It is ultimately the only duo to date to have taken a set at numbers 1 in France which has dominated the debates in Bordeaux: Lucile Pothier/Jessica Ginier.

Ginier and Pothier have not lost a single set in Bordeaux

Surprises at all levels

If the two victorious pairs are made up of players from the France team, we could see in the boys as in the girls that all the favorites were not as much to their advantage. Indeed, the top seeds suffered in this P2000 of 4Padel Bordeaux. On the feminine side, these are downright pairs 1 and 2 who took the door in the first round! On the men's side, we also had some big surprises, with in particular the presence of two pairs qualified for the quarter-finals.

As you can see with the final ranking of the competition, several duos showed that they were able to fight their way through the table. Of course, we think of the girls with the Soubrié/Touly and Buteau/Sireix pairs who were not seeded but who finished third and fourth respectively!

Among the boys, Jean Dumartin and Nicolas Rouanet finished third after being come out of qualifying and have won 7 victories over the weekend, with successes in two sets against Le Panse / Trancart and De Meyer / Vanbauce, pairs 3 and 5 of the tournament! The young Arthur Hugounenq and the veteran Simon Boissé also impressed their world with a victory over the top seed 8 Joris / Toppin!

Boissé and Hugounenq can congratulate themselves on their tournament

On both sides we could see that there were many teams that could fight for places of honor (and maybe better) and that the gaps tended to close. Excellent news for the rest of the season which still promises great battles. The next tournament FFT Padel Tour, scheduled at the Club du Mas in Perpignan from May 12 to 14, looks very interesting!

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