We were telling you about it yesterday, Manuel Vives et Dylan Guichard participated in the FIP Promotion of Kaunas in Lithuania. For their first international competition together, the two friends managed to qualify for the final of the competition.

Opposed today to Spaniards Miguel Morales (204) and Miguel Melero (218), Manuel and Dylan managed to pull out of the game by winning 6/4 – 7/6. Following this first title we had the chance to talk to one of the two protagonists of this victory, Manuel Vives.

“Nothing to lose from the first round”

“We are very happy to win this tournament, it feels good mentally. We chain victories as the matches go.

"We came here because we need to earn FIP points. Although this is the first category of tournaments, the level continues to increase. We came close to losing in the first round because we were playing horribly badly for me and Dylan was suffering from angina. In the end it was and we got back to playing and overall we were better.”

“There was a mini controversy because at 3/0 in the tie-break one of our opponents believed that Dylan had touched the net with his foot. Dylan said no and was sure of himself. In the end the referee agreed with us but still decided to replay the point. So we were a little offended because we didn't understand his decision to give the point but still give two balls! But in the end it didn't change our way of playing and everything went well because we won this tie-break 7/4”.

“Climb the FIP ranking to play Premier Padel"

“Our next competitions will be a bit like all the FIPs that pass through it. Indeed we put a lot of emphasis on this because we want to climb the rankings and thus catch up with the leading group which is participating in Premier Padel. We will try to keep a rhythm of 3 to 4 FIP tournaments per month. So see you in Las Palmas around March 09”.

Sebastien Carrasco

Future naturopath and passionate about padel, Seb is the health/food gentleman of Padel Magazine. He juggles between pala, quinoa and essential oils. For almost two years now he has been dealing with the news of the little yellow ball with the same passion.