While six French people decided to travel to Mexico to play FIP Star de Puebla, the Belgian Clément Geens and the French Jérôme Inzerillo chose Lithuania, as did Vives and Seurin.

Seed 8 in this FIP Rise in Kaunas, Clément and Jérôme will start the competition against the Spaniards Cuevas and Naranjo. On paper, they seem to have the weapons to aim for a quarter-final, most probably against the favorite pair of the circuit, Windahl / Gutiérrez (TS1).

Manu Vives, already crowned in Kaunas at the start of the year with Dylan Guichard, and Julien Seurin, will start against the Spaniards Bellmunt and Herrera.

It should be noted that three duos ultimately withdrew from the competition, including a French one: Joris / Raichman.

Here is the updated table:

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