As we told you previously, several French people decided to travel to Italy to play the FIP Star Perugia.

And we will have, among the ladies, a clash between French from the first round, since the pairs Invernon / Ligotti and Martin / Melo play each other from the sixteenth!

Generally speaking, we can say that the French women entered in the competition are doing rather well in the draw since they avoid all the seeded players in the first round.

Among the men, the French representatives were also rather spared, with the exception of Jérémy Scatena and the Belgian Maxime Deloyer, who must first face the 3rd seed, Sager / Del Castillo!

The first round clash is the match between Cardona / Ramirez (TS2) and Garcia / Solbes. Can the most experienced pair, not favorites on paper, create a surprise against the young talents who meet for the duration of a tournament?

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